Update Your Existing Row in Analytics

Like many of the other actions in this scheduled function, model your code after the ‘Sample Requests’ in the API documentation. As seen in this video, there is an error, an ‘Internal exception’, with the Update  Row API call. (An error of that kind doesn’t tell us anything and you have to take it up with Zoho Support or triple-check your work for any obvious errors.)

While trying to solve that issue with Support, I was able to use an Analytics updateData integration task. It requires most of the same parameters, except that it appears to be modeled more after the v1 API instead of v2, asking for the Workspace and Table names instead of IDs. It accomplishes the same though, using the ‘criteria’ parameter, updating the data we need. So, while the actual API call throws an error, this is a great alternative.

By including an info statement for the actual update variable we can check and see if the update ran successfully or not.

Of course, make sure that you have recently modified notes to draw from in the CRM. Your ‘notesResponse’ invokeurl will pull all notes modified in the time range you specify, whether they were added or edited. Your ‘exportDataResponse’ invokeurl will tell you whether a specific note was added or edited, by identifying whether it was already in the Analytics Notes table. So, if you’re trying to test out the updateRow section of your code, make sure your note is already in the Analytics table, and if you are testing out the addRow API call, create a new note for testing.

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