The Big Idea Behind Zoho Flow

Flow is similar to Zapier.

When creating a ‘Flow’, the main idea is that you need to set your trigger. What initiates the action? Choose the app and the action that gets everything moving:
i.e. this could be the creation of a new Order in Zoho Commerce (there is not a trigger for this within Commerce or Zoho Books, so if you wanted to run an automation based on this action, you have to use Flow).

You then can set logical conditions (does this action or piece of data fit within our criteria) and trees and then perform certain actions (send an email, fire a custom function, etc.)

Specifically, we want to set up a Flow to run based on an appointment scheduled in Zoho Bookings. The Zoho Bookings custom function editor is notoriously unstable and you cannot even set up API connections with other apps. you have to rely wholly on integration tasks. So, it’s a good idea to use Flow with Bookings automations.

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