Important API Calls to Know and Use (aka Where Integration Tasks Fall Short)

However, not all system actions can be executed through integration tasks.

There are certain, more sensitive, actions that you need to run via API. These include deleting records, grabbing CRM note information, creating customer payment records, etc.

Yes, it is important to understand how API calls work, how to formulate and use them.

Here are links to some of the most important API’s that you should be familiar with:

  1. CRM Subform API
  2. CRM Notes API
  3. Working with CRM Files
  4. Invoice actions like sending an invoice to a client
  5. Working with custom fields in Zoho Projects
  6. Exporting data from Zoho Analytics
  7. Get External Share Links from Zoho Workdrive
  8. And much more. Really it’s easy to find what you need with a quick browser search
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