Zoho Architect (Beginner)

Learning Path + Certification

Zoho Architecture is the most highly-desired Zoho talent. FINALLY, a Learning Path exists to become a Zoho Architect.

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, and you shouldn’t built Zoho without a well-defined plan. However, the ability to thoughtfully architect Zoho has historically been in CRITICALLY short supply. 

This Learning Path has evolved from 5+ years of experience architecting 100s of Zoho systems. We map out all the best practices of Zoho’s top architects


The Zoho Architect (Beginner) Learning Path + Certification don't focus on any particular Zoho applications. Instead, they focus on the skills necessary to understand + map out how Zoho will work for a given organization. Skills include:


Learn to visually map out client systems

Needs Analysis

Learn how to interview clients/stakeholders on what their Zoho system should be capable of doing

Technical Writing

Codify client requests into a "Statement of Work"

Business Models

Learn how different organizations make money (and use Zoho to make more $$$)

Zoho Architect (Beginner)

Understand the fundamentals to understanding and mapping out Zoho, pave your way to becoming a Zoho Architect through our certified learning path. 

Learning Goals

Understand and map out Zoho Systems




Completion time

6 hours


Watch the Zoho Experts in Action! 4 Sample Zoho “Needs Analyses”

Practice Projects


Architect Practice Project: Elizabeth’s Marketing Agency


Architect Project: Kennedy Brothers Commercial Painting


Hands-on and practical


Real World Skills


Flexible On-Demand
Online Learning