What do Lookups Look Like in Zoho Analytics

How’s that title for alliteration?

NOTICE: I mess up in the video. When showing an example at 0:52, Wazowski belongs to “The Libertarian Party”. However, I had made some changes in the CRM shortly before recording the video and so that data had not yet been synced to Analytics. At 1:16, I show that “That’s correct, he belongs to Delorean” without even thinking twice. As soon as the Analytics data updates, it would show that Wazowski’s Account is The Libertarian Party. Will re-record this video soon!

You’ll understand this concept best by simply watching the video.

When a column is set as a lookup to a column in another table it creates a window to the data of that other table. But not just any window—a view to the specific record, matching on that ID field, in that other table.

This means that we don’t have to host all the Company (or Account) information on the Contact record. We can have a separate table for all company information and a single lookup field, one column, that identifies which Company (or Account) the Contact is tied to.

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