Else Statement Creating a New Contact If One Doesn’t Exist

Then, on the ‘else’ side of the IF statement, we can create a new Customer record.

For now, we will only add the Account Name to the “Customer Name” (remember, the API name for Customers is ‘Contacts’. Confusing, we know)

Last, another cool feature is that you can define a variable twice, depending on the conditions you specify. So, we can say, IF condition A holds, customerID = _____, else customerID = _____. (see last 30 seconds of video)

UPDATE: since recording this course, Zoho decided to require the connection name as a parameter in the zoho.books.createRecord integration task. So, instead of your code ending with your map as mine does here 50 seconds into the video, you must add the connection name.

i.e. createCustomer = zoho.books.createRecord(“Contacts”, orgId, newCustomerMap, “zohobooks”);