Organize and Visualize Your Data using Pivot and Summary Tables in Zoho Analytics

Tables? Really?

Yes, we’re here to say that these Analytics elements are very useful and it’s worth it to know how to use them.

Charts can often give you the insights you need (and look more pretty) but tables can give you exact numbers for any kind of category or group. And, with the ability to see underlying data and export, print, or share, they prove themselves more than valuable.

Whether in your own business or a demo system, follow along here to learn to make these tables work for you. And, for more information on  Analytics, check out our blog post on Zoho Analytics app integrations, as well as our Analytics vs Tableau comparison.

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Michel Wozniak
Posted 10 months ago
Excellent !

As usual !

Jisame Calamba
Posted 11 months ago
aggregate formula is interesting!

Thanks for presenting an intro for aggregate formula. Overall, this course is helpful.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!