The Smartest Ways to Gather Zoho Survey Data into Zoho CRM

If you haven’t already, add Zoho Survey to your growing list of Zoho One apps.

Here is the business use case for this survey:

  • Affluence Financial wants to gather review data for its services
  • Create a new, custom module to host the reviews
  • Create a survey with some of the client information pre-populated into it
  • Integrate the survey with the new custom module and relate those records back to the client record

Gathering client feedback is important for every business and Zoho Survey fills that role well!

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Rudy Steiner
Posted 2 weeks ago

Great look at using Surveys and smart ideas for implementation

Anton Shvyrkov
Posted 2 months ago
All you need to know to start your own surveys

Here you'll learn the basics, but it will be enough to create your own surveys and integrate data into CRM. Info representation is good and covers everything we need. One little wish from me: do something with the microphone, sone times it sounds really bad.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!