Build Your Survey URL

Once you have your survey’s base URL, append the custom variables. The easiest way to do so is shown in this video.

The general format is, at the end of the URL, add ?variable_name={variable_value} and for any additional variable, place an ampersand (&).

The final URL for this survey, easily made using the merge fields in CRM email templates, looks something like:${Deals.Deal Id}&client=${Deals.Contact Name}&company=${Deals.Account Name}&email=${Contacts.Email}&advisor=${Deals.Financial Planning Advisor}

(It won’t look exactly the same because your Surveys account is different. So, don’t copy this. But, the parameters at the end should look similar.)

If you just copy this link and text it to a friend though, the variables don’t work. The link is from the CRM. So, we build this link, with its variables, in the CRM and when we send it out, the variables are stored in the link and can be pre-populated in the Survey.

Refer to Custom Variables Help again if needed