Where Does the Final System Plan Fit In?

We’ve talked a lot about the Initial System Outline at this point and the importance of working with the client on that. That is more of a client-facing document. The Final System Plan, however, is for you. This document will help you with your implementation. It’s more technical in nature and contains more details (for actual development purposes) on how to actually build the software system.

So, how do you create one? Well, to be honest, at this point in your software experience, your skills and the level of complexity of your projects is probably not high enough to mean much of a difference between the Initial System Outline and the Final System Plan. There’s not a lot of technical detail to include in a system plan about creating custom views or a form that creates a contact record.

However, once you get to the point of creating workflow rules that are triggered by field updates and send off different emails to different types of contacts based on pre-defined criteria—that’s when you start adding more detail to the Initial System Outline and it evolves into your Final System Plan.

Look at the bottom of our cheat sheet for an example Final System Plan. You can see that it’s much more detailed in nature. Custom fields, picklist options, blueprint pathways and actions, workflow rule triggers and automations, etc. A document like this is extremely helpful when you go to build everything out in the CRM.

All that said, we’re not going to build one in this Unit. But, we absolutely want you to work toward creating one in Unit 6! Definitely reach out to your trainer for help with that and to bounce ideas off of him or her.

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