Preparing to Use Your Plan to Actually Build a CRM

Воплощение – embodying? Fleshing it out?  At this point, you might expect me to walk you through how to build all of this in both Zoho and HubSpot, but you’ve already received enough practice up until this point. Your Final System Plan is your own document that you’ll use to turn your client-facing plan into software-speak (We have an example final system plan in our cheat sheet). This is where you outline the following:

  • What modules?
  • What fields?
  • What needs to integrate?
  • What workflow rules/automations?
  • Custom views? Reports? What data or filters go into those?

Now, what if you don’t actually know how to build everything your client is asking for? That’s fine! You are always going to run into things you don’t know yet and that’s what Pillar 3 is for—we teach ourselves new software skills.

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