Invoice & Commission Record Creation in Zoho CRM

Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated reading time: 30 mins
Estimated implementation time: 1 hour

Invoice and Comission Creation

Sample CRM function for Affluence Financial Planning to create Commission records and an Invoice

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 				 					// Getting the initial variables we'll use throughout the function. DealRecord, DealName, Deal Amount, Owner ID, Financial Planner ID, etc.  //  dealRecord = zoho.crm.getRecordById("Deals",DEAL_ID);  // Getting the DealRecord so we don't have to add a bunch of arguments.  dealName = dealRecord.get("Deal_Name");  info dealName;  dealAmount = dealRecord.get("Amount");  info dealAmount;  ownerId = dealRecord.get("Owner").get("id");  ownerName = dealRecord.get("Owner").get("name");  info ownerId;  financialPlanningAdvisorId = dealRecord.get("Financial_Planning_Advisor").get("id");  financialPlanningAdvisorName = dealRecord.get("Financial_Planning_Advisor").get("name");  //  // If the Deal Amount is over $20,000, we want to change up the commission rate.   //  if(dealAmount > 20000)  {  	commissionRate = .075;  }  else  {  	commissionRate = .05;  }  info "Commission Rate: " + commissionRate;  //   // Calculating the commission rate  //  commissionAmount = dealAmount * commissionRate;  info "Commission Amount: " + commissionAmount;  //  // Putting together our Commission Map for the commissions we'll create later in our function. We don't add the "Owner" of the commission, because that will be defined later in a "For Each" loop  //  commissionMap = Map();  commissionMap.put("Commission_Amount",commissionAmount);  commissionMap.put("Related_Deal",DEAL_ID);  commissionMap.put("Name",dealName + " Commission");  //  // Populating the list of User IDs that we generated in the first section — we'll use this list as part of our For Each loop later in the function.  //  userIdList = list();  userIdList.add(ownerId);  userIdList.add(financialPlanningAdvisorId);  commissionList = list();  //  // Iterating through every User ID in our list to create functions for each.  //  for each  userId in userIdList  {  	commissionMap.put("Owner",userId);  	createCommission = zoho.crm.createRecord("Commissions",commissionMap);  	commissionList.add(createCommission);  }  info commissionList;  //  // Filtering through our list of created commissions to see if any commissions are over $5,000 — if they are, we can create a task to congratulate the salesperson, send an automated email, etc. We don't actually perform any action with the next 15 lines of code. It's there just as a demo of IF/FOR EACH statements  //  for each  commission in commissionList  {  	commissionId = commission.get("id");  	commissionRecord = zoho.crm.getRecordById("Commissions",commissionId);  	commissionAmount = commissionRecord.get("Commission_Amount");  	info commissionAmount;  	if(commissionAmount > 5000)  	{  		yarg = 10;  	}  	else  	{  		yarg = 5;  	}  }  info "Yarg — if Yarg is 10, the Commission is over 5000, if Yarg is 5 the commission is under 5000:  " + yarg;  //  //Every command in Books requires the Organization ID. What follows is the API call for getting the Org ID  //  getOrganizations = invokeurl  [  	url :"https://books.zoho.com/api/v3/organizations"  	type :GET  	connection:"zohobooks"  ];  info getOrganizations;  orgId = getOrganizations.get("organizations").get(0).get("organization_id");  info "Org ID: " + orgId;  //  // We search Books for Customers whose Name matches the "Account Name" from the Deal record  //  accountName = dealRecord.get("Account_Name").get("name");  info "Account Name: " + accountName;  searchParam = {"contact_name":accountName};  customerRecord = zoho.books.getRecords("Contacts",orgId,searchParam).get("contacts");  //  //If we find a Customer record, get the ID for creating the invoice later. If not, we create a Customer record and then get its ID (using the same variable)  //  if(!customerRecord.isEmpty())  {  	customer = customerRecord.get("0");  	customerId = customer.get("contact_id");  }  else  {  	newCustomerMap = Map();  	newCustomerMap.put("contact_name",accountName);  	createCustomer = zoho.books.createRecord("Contacts",orgId,newCustomerMap);  	customer = createCustomer.get("contact");  	customerId = customer.get("contact_id");  }  //Now we create the invoice map, add all the right fields, line item details, and create the Invoice!  //  today = zoho.currentdate;  invoice = Map();  invoice.put("customer_id",customerId);  invoice.put("date",today);  invoice.put("line_items",{{"item_id":"2342210000000373001","quantity":"1","rate":dealAmount}});  createInvoice = zoho.books.createRecord("invoices",orgId,invoice);  info "Invoice Record: " + createInvoice;d,{"Company_Overview":company_overview});  		info update2;  	}  } 				 			

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