Zoho CRM x Shopify Orders Integration

Difficulty: Advanced
Estimated reading time: 30 mins
Estimated implementation time: 1 hour and 30 mins

Shopify Orders

Deluge script for configuring a Shopify Orders integration with Zoho CRM.


Zoho CRM Modules

You will need two custom modules for this integration: Shopify Orders and Shopify Order Line Items

Shopify Orders


Shopify Line Items

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Zapier Setup

To configure Zapier, you must have an account with access to the Shopify and Zoho CRM apps.

Create a new Zap and perform the following setup:


Choose App & Event

  • Search and find Shopify and select it.
  • Select the New Order event.
    • Click Continue

Choose Account

  • Pick the correct account, or create a new one.
    • Click Continue

Find Data

  • Click Test Trigger to get test results.
    • Click Continue


Choose App & Event

  • Search and find Formatter by Zapier and select it.
  • Select the Utilities event.
    • Click Continue

Customize Utilities

  • Under Transform select Line-item to Text.
  • In the Input, type and insert the following exactly how it is shown below (items in square brackets are Zapier fields):
    • Item:[1. Line Items Name]??Quantity:[1. Line Items Quantity]??SKU:[1. Line Items Sku]??Price:[1. Line Items Price]
  • In the Separator field insert: &&
  • Click Continue
  • Click Test & Continue

Zoho CRM

Choose App & Event

  • Search and find Zoho CRM and select it.
  • Select the Create/Update Module Entry event.
    • Click Continue

Choose Account

  • Pick the correct account, or create a new one.
    • Click Continue

Customize Module Entry

  • Map the corresponding fields in Zapier to Zoho CRM fields:
    • Module → Shopify Orders
    • Layout → Standard
    • Trigger → Workflow
    • Duplicate Check Fields → Order Number
    • CustomModule Name → [1. Name] for [1. Billing Address First Name] [1. Billing Address Last Name]
    • Order Date → {{zap_meta_human_now}}
    • Status URL → [1. Order Status URL]
    • Order Number → [1. Order Number]
    • Line Items → [2. Output Text]
    • First Name → [1. Billing Address First Name]
    • Last Name → [1. Billing Address Last Name]
    • Email → [1. Email]
    • Phone → [1. Billing Address Phone]
    • Discount → [1. Total Discounts]
    • Subtotal → [1. Subtotal Price]
    • Tax → [1. Total Tax]
    • Total → [1. Total Price]
    • Currency → [1. Presentment Currency]
    • Address Line 1 → [1. Billing Address Address1]
    • Adress Line 2 → [1. Billing Address Address2]
    • City → [1. Billing Address City]
    • State → [1. Billing Address Province]
    • Country → [1. Billing Address Country]
    • Postal Code → [1. Billing Address Zip]
  • Click Continue
  • Click Test & Continue. This will create a new module entry.
  • When satisfied with the results, turn on your Zap.

CRM Workflow

Triggers on new or updated Shopify Order.


This function parses the Line Item string text sent from Shopify to create new Shopify Line Item records.

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