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Welcome to The Workflow Academy! We’re your Zoho experts, here to show you everything this platform has to offer. We’ve compiled all of our learning material to bring you the best all-in-one Zoho experience. Whether you need a rundown on how each program works or want to learn how to become a Zoho admin, you’ll find everything you need at Workflow Academy. And the best part? All of our courses are free to use, no strings attached.

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What Is Zoho? 
We’re all about learning new things at The Workflow Academy, so if you’ve stumbled onto this blog post without any prior knowledge of what Zoho is or how it works, welcome! We’re happy to give you a crash course. Zoho is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform with a suite of software products that revolutionize the way people around the world run their businesses. We’re talking platforms for emails, analytics, contracts, financials, pretty much everything-but-the-digital-kitchen-sink — and that’s only because the technology for digital kitchen sinks isn’t here yet. With cost-effective products and plans, Zoho provides the perfect high-capability solution for small businesses.

Zoho Training
As mentioned above, we’re here to provide you with the Zoho knowledge you need to succeed. So if your company has switched to Zoho and you need a little help understanding the apps, or you’re ready to jump-start a new career, our free, online courses will teach you everything you need to know to make Zoho the most effective platform for you. Get started today.

Careers in Zoho
At The Workflow Academy, “BYOB” means “be your own boss.” Whether you’re interested in entering the rapidly growing field of developing CRM software, or you want to be the go-to expert on a single aspect of the Zoho system, we provide the tools and information needed to get started. We want our students to be fully prepared for their future careers, which is why all of our free courses feature self-paced learning modules coupled with sample work.

All of the companies we work with are looking for remote employees, so you can make big career moves without a physical move. We partner with 16 different employers, which means fewer job applications to fill out once your course is complete. You can even interview with partnering companies before you get started to see if you’re the right fit for an apprenticeship program.

This program provides our students with real-world context and real client interactions while under the guidance of an instructor. Start your new career. Register for a course today.

Zoho Implementation
Already a business owner looking for a work-smarter-not-harder approach to improve daily operations? Streamline your CRM system by switching to Zoho. Our implementation experts have over 25 years of combined experience, mastered 30 Zoho applications and had a hand in over 270 Zoho projects. (That number increases daily!)

Not sure how Zoho can help your business? Our experts and developers will learn about your company and suggest a custom-fit collection of applications to help your business thrive. Ready to revamp the way your business does, well, business? Learn about our programs, or get in touch with a team member.

Whether you’re a small-business owner looking for a better CRM solution, or you love where you live but not the area’s lack of career opportunities, let the experts at The Workflow Academy show you how Zoho can make a difference.

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