Build Out Your Form

Similar to Zoho Surveys, the forms builder in Zoho Forms is all drag and drop. It has many of the same field types, but some are different.

I already built out the basic structure of the Form we are to use. It has the same questions as the Survey we built in the Data Collection in Zoho Surveys course. This way, we can keep the same custom module in the CRM and effectively compare and contrast the two apps.

So, quickly add these fields to the form:

  • Your name (single line)
  • Your company (single line)
  • Description field saying “Rate the following on a 1-10 scale:”
  • Overall experience (number)
  • Advisor’s friendliness (number)
  • Advisor’s reliability (number)
  • What went well? (multi-line)
  • What could be improved? (multi-line)
  • How likely are you to recommend us to a friend? (drop-down)
  • Would you help us with a promotional video? (drop-down)

If you need some really basic review for Zoho Forms, look at our Zoho CRM Admin Course!