Coding and programming can sound scary, especially for those of us with zero programming experience. That was me! But, I was able to learn Deluge and it significantly increased the functionality I can provide in any Zoho system design.

This mini-course is designed for anyone looking to learn Deluge, whether they have programming experience or not.

While your functions may start out looking like this, simply updating a field with the date a Lead was converted,

with a little practice, you can write a function like this (actually 80 lines total) that takes in information from an application and according to the responses, sorts people into a class and creates a Contact record for them.

Can you imagine trying to sort all that out with Zapier or Zoho Flow? Some things are simply better accomplished in Deluge, which is why it is worth learning. It makes an already highly-customizable Zoho even more adaptable and versatile.

So, watch these short, simple videos to begin learning how to make Deluge work for you!

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