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Posted 5 months ago
Concise, Transparent and informative course

The course has all what people need to know about what they r getting into and it confirms my personal experience, so far, with Zoho. Highlighting the reason behind the affordability of Zoho is a very smart & generous step from you. I personally had same curiosity & did research, earlier, to have the answers & was astonished by Zoho's bus. approach. Highly enjoyable & appreciated. Thank you Peter!

Posted 6 months ago
Overview with Passion

Great place to start if you're new to the all encompassing wonders of Zoho. Perhaps a little bit more on the possibilities opened up through the integration between the apps would really drive home the message. I sometimes have moments of seamless clarity when I learn about another customisation possible. The skies the limit and this course does a good job of lightly scraping the ice berg. Nice A+

Posted 6 months ago
A wonderful introduction that I've really needed!

Great, thorough and SO openminded. I appreciate your very transparent honesty. Everything you said about each app, good and bad, makes me want to learn Zoho One that much more. And, my favorite is your explanation about the difference in Zoho's mindset about profit, staying private and the Zoho Schools <3 I wish I could go there!

Posted 6 months ago
Wonderful course.

I downloaded the guide and I'm in love.

Chris Anderson
Posted 10 months ago

awesome so far

Robert Kaempen
Posted 10 months ago
90 seconds to learn everything Zoho One

If you don't have time to learn everything about Zoho One but want to know everything you need to know about Zoho One this course is priced right (FREE) and delivered in a manner that is clear and concise.

Michel Wozniak
Posted 10 months ago
Excellent !

Very nice training !

Teresa Martin
Posted 11 months ago
Tremendous Insight

Very helpful overview of the Zoho One usage studies.

Jamie Guidry
Posted 11 months ago
To the point

This course was straightforward and provided the pertinent information I needed to determine its relevance for my professional development. I also appreciated Peter's candid reviews of where this product has room to improve!

Kit McCann
Posted 11 months ago

This was a great intro/overview of ZoHo One, and gave me an easily digestible, clear picture of what ZoHo One can do for a business. Also, Peter has a really wonderfully dry sense of humor that made the content fun to watch!

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!

Zoho One— the only software you need to run your entire business (according to Zoho). To back their claim though, Zoho runs entirely on Zoho. A company of 9k+ employees! So, chances are, you can too.

In this course we talk about everything Zoho One—the good, the bad, and the world-class.

Looking into using Zoho One? Thinking about becoming a consultant? Just scouting out the competition? Here is just about everything you need to know about it!

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