Who Should (Generally) AVOID Zoho One?

Note — we update this frequently and we’re going to be honest. Zoho isn’t super happy when we talk about this, but we feel like we need to be honest. The next few videos walk through the types of businesses that may not benefit as much from using Zoho One.

However — these companies can totally succeed using PARTS of the Zoho One suite! We just haven’t seen them be very successful using the whole shebang. To start with, it’s not the best for:

  • eCommerce companies (except for those companies with smaller product catalogs)

Zoho’s B2C eCommerce options are somewhat limited, especially with companies with large product catalogs. With some custom development we’ve seen VERY strong eCommerce systems for companies with smaller product catalogs (e.g. <100 SKUs).

Why don’t these brands succeed with Zoho One? Zoho lacks strong eCommerce integrations with most shopping carts (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce).