Learn ZOHO with
The WorkFlow

Why Learn with
The Workflow Academy?

Zoho may seem a tad intimidating to run, but that’s where The Workflow Academy comes in.
We’ll help train up your workforce to become a Zoho Admin powerhouse!
Here’s what we provide:

Flexible Lessons

Learn Zoho wherever you are, whenever you want. Our on-demand courses are always available, easily accessible across mobile, tablet & computers.

Customized Training Plans

From one-on-one coaching to specific curriculum, every student's education plan is individualized to meet personal & organizational goals.

Personal Coaching

Our Zoho educators are there to help you from zero to hero. Whether it's a first lesson or full Zoho implementation, we'll be right by your side.


Absolutely! From bookkeeping, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), or anything in-between, there’s a Zoho Admin for the job. Click below to look through some student profiles and find the perfect Zoho Admin for your needs.


What is The Workflow Academy?

The WorkFlow Academy is your one stop shop to learn everything Zoho. Through our comprehensive courses, students grow their Zoho admin skills & can eventually become Zoho admins themselves! (in other words, stop outsourcing all your Zoho needs and grow independently!)

How do the usual courses compare to your Zoho Training?

Anybody can subscribe to take our usual courses. For corporate training though, we will meet with you to create a personalized plan to train up your Zoho admins. You’ll know that your admins will be taking the exact courses they need to learn the skills to effectively run your business on Zoho.

How many employees do I need to qualify?

We don’t have strict requirements for group sizes. We recommend that anyone who will be managing Zoho for you in some way enroll with us. But, feel free to have your whole team join in the fun too!

Is there a minimum number of courses to which I need to subscribe?

There is no minimum! Remember that part about individualized training plans? The members of your team will be enrolled into the courses they need to learn the Zoho tools to effectively run your business.

And how does hiring from you work?

Would you like to hire some nice Zoho talent? Our students come from a variety of backgrounds and chances are one could make a nice impact at your company. The bonus? THEY ALL KNOW ZOHOClick here to get in touch with us!

Once you do, we will share the profiles of our students with you so that you can find the best fit before we make a formal introduction.

Hear What our clients have to say!

"The Workflow Academy really understands business processes. Going the extra mile there produced a far more elegant and thorough solution to our problems than previous instructors were able to provide."
Chad Clayton
Summit Solar
"It's too bad it took us over a year with Zoho to find The Workflow Academy because they really helped us discover and exploit all of Zoho's capability!"
Amy Sinon
HammerHead Swim Caps
"My instructor not only tries to understand my current goals and the ins and outs of our organization, but he also makes great recommendations for the future to help us succeed. And, he is professional yet fun to collaborate with."
Emy Swadley
Utah State University
Rural Online Initiative
"As we progressed in our usage of the apps, it was very nice to feel that our issues were important to The Workflow Academy. They helped us out in a few tight spots!"
Beth Plafcan
Vantage Midsouth