Streamline Estimate Creation in Zoho Books (Practice Quiz)

Although Deluge takes some time to learn, it pays off quick once you begin automating repetitive tasks that take time.

What might, in the beginning, be an hour of head-banging can turn into dozens of hours saved doing monotonous work. Complete this practice quiz for one such example!

Say you want your salespeople to clearly see the payment terms for every customer when they create an estimate. Instead of requiring them to look up the Customer record and copy/past it into the estimate every time, we can write a function to do so.

On estimate creation, what would you need in order to take the payment terms from the customer record and populate them into a custom field on the estimate record so that salespeople could see it?

If you think you can write it, give it a go!

(Hint: it goes something like this—from the estimate record, get the Customer ID, which you use to get the customer record and the desired payment terms. Then, load that into a custom field map which you can put back into the estimate record)