Why Use Custom Functions in Zoho Books?

Not comfortable with writing code? Well, you can do a lot within Zoho Flow and Zapier, which don’t require any coding.

They’re great for simple stuff, but they can start to get really messy wanting to do more complex things. For example:

  • Let’s say that you want to take all the line items from a Sales Order in Zoho Inventory and auto-create a Package from that Sales Order. Zoho Flow and/or Zapier don’t have great line item support, and you simply won’t be able to make it happen.
  • Let’s say you need to pull a customer’s associated tax rate for a calculation you’re doing — you can’t pull taxes using Zoho Flow.
  • What about automatically applying retainer invoices to invoices? Can’t do it — retainer invoices aren’t supported in Zoho Flow.

You’re INEVITABLY going to run into a situation where Zoho Flow/Zapier CAN’T handle what you need. If you learn Deluge now, you’ll be prepared for when those times arise!