Save and Execute Within Books

To begin to test our function using the “Save and Execute” button, we need to create some sample records.

  • create a sample invoice
  • click on “record a payment” in the invoice record
  • then, in the “Payments Received” module, you can see the new payment and its record ID in the URL

Remember that. It’s key. You can find the ID for any record in Zoho in its URL.

Now, use that payment ID when you click “Save and Execute” to test what we have so far and see the JSON output.

Update: the connection name is now a required parameter in Zoho Books integration tasks. Look at this announcement from Zoho for more details and view the getRecordsByID integration task.

So, your code would look more like this: paymentRecord = zoho.books.getRecordByID(“CustomerPayments”, orgId, paymentId, “connection_name”);

(You’ll have to create your own connection from Zoho Books….to itself, from Zoho Books)

JSON Viewer