Get Record by ID

In our experience, it is easier to use the record ID to pull the entire record’s information. There, stored in a variable, we have all the information we might need and we can pull it using a simple “get” command.

This is easier to follow and saves us the trouble of defining and trying to remember all the different arguments.

Try this by using the paymentId to pull the information for the entire Payment Record.

Update: the connection name is now a required parameter in Zoho Books integration tasks. Look at this announcement from Zoho for more details and view the getRecordsByID integration task.

So, your code would look more like this: paymentRecord = zoho.books.getRecordByID(“CustomerPayments”, orgId, paymentId, “connection_name”);

(You’ll have to create your own connection from Zoho Books….to itself, from Zoho Books)

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