Export and Building Our Master Spreadsheet

So, because we have already prepped a spreadsheet using exports from the CRM and VLOOKUPs to match data sources, we won’t repeat that here. But, if you want to follow that method again, go ahead and do so! You know how:

  • Export both modules (Leads and Contacts)
  • Compile the data in one spreadsheet
  • Run your VLOOKUP based on the email field
  • If a match is found, return a ‘DELETE’ value, which we will import as a tag (you can then filter the Leads module by that tag, select all, and delete all).
  • If your Lead email is in column B and your Contact email in column E, then your formula should look something like this:
    • =IF(ISNULL(VLOOKUP($B2, $E$2:$F$5000,2,FALSE)),”DELETE”,””)

Take a look at the next topic in order to see an alternative method using Zoho Analytics (my favorite!)

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