Export and Building Our Master Spreadsheet

Remember the export limits we warned about in our last lesson?

The export limit from CRM reports is 3k for an Excel file and 20k for a CSV. This is inconvenient if you have many more records. Also know that you can only import up to 5k records at a time using an Excel file and 20k using a CSV.

You need a unique tie between the Contacts and Accounts modules—this will be the Account ID (in the Contacts module it is the Account Name field)—in order to run the VLOOKUP and match the right data to your Contacts.

Export your Contacts module data into one sheet. Then, the only columns you really need from the Accounts module are the Account ID and the Account Type. From your Accounts export, you can copy those two colmns and paste them into your Contacts spreadsheet. You’re now ready for a VLOOKUP.

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