Zoho People Plus

Zoho People Plus is an all-in-one HR solution. It extends the capabilities of the already-robust Zoho People app to streamline everything involved with human resources.

1. What is the cost of Zoho People Plus?

2. What are the features of Zoho People Plus?

Includes the following Zoho apps:





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Zoho People Plus Pricing

People Plus is $10 per user per month, $9 with annual billing.

Zoho People Plus Features

People Plus allows HR managers to carry out the following workflows and responsibilities:
  • Job opening creation and posting
  • Job interview scheduling and follow-up
  • Candidate searching
  • Employee onboarding
  • Timesheet tracking
  • Performance evaluations
  • Individual learning plans
  • Rewards and recognitions
  • Team collaboration
  • Company-wide announcements
  • Video collaboration and group calls
  • Task management
  • Calendar synching
  • Central internal knowledge base
  • Company chat forum
  • Manage payroll and reporting

….and more!

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