Unit 1 of 7! Get ready. 

In this first unit, we talk a lot of theory. Let’s learn what Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Revenue Operations even are, talk about the importance of planning, and figure out where actual software tools fit into all this. 

There’s not a whole lot of “doing” in this first unit, but that will quickly change. Throughout the units, you’ll build up to the point where, in Unit 6, you will be be asked to find your own business for which to interview, learn about the customer lifecycle, plan, and build a CRM in both Hubspot and Zoho. 

So, for now enjoy the theory, then watch us build a system (and please follow along), then watch us plan to build a system, then you plan yourself… You get the idea? 

We’ll add on piece by piece until you work through the whole process on your own.

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