Zoho Marketing Plus

Marketing Plus is Zoho’s full-service marketing solution. This app bundle enables team collaboration across the full range of normal marketing activities, from multichannel outreach to webinars.

1. What is the cost of Zoho Marketing Plus?

2. What are the features of Zoho Marketing Plus?

3. Zoho Marketing Plus FAQ

Includes the following Zoho apps:


Marketing Automation










Marketing Automation



Marketing Plus Pricing:


  • Per User
  • 1 GB Storage


  • Per User
  • 10 GB Storage


  • Per User
  • 15 GB Storage


  • Per User
  • 30 GB Storage

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Zoho Marketing Plus Cost

Zoho Marketing Plus costs $25 per user per month paid annually, $30 paid monthly.

Zoho Marketing Plus Features

Marketing teams use this bundle as a marketing platform to do the following and more:
  • Post across different social media channels
  • Manage brand assets
  • Run omnichannel marketing campaigns
  • Collect website user experience data
  • Create and administer surveys
  • Analyze and visualize data
  • Store and share brand assets
  • Create and run email campaigns

….and more!

Zoho Marketing Plus FAQ

Zoho Marketing Plus does not include Zoho CRM, which is the flagship app of the CRM Plus Bundle. CRM Plus is more about sales enablement, though its apps do allow for some marketing as well. Marketing Plus, in contrast, is really focused on marketing only, without a customer relationship management or sales focus.

All of the Zoho applications in Marketing Plus are included in Zoho One. Plus a whole lot more. Zoho One is the big daddy of Zoho app bundles.

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