Zoho Contracts

Zoho Contracts is a contract management software by the Zoho Corporation. This app aims to improve efficiency and security throughout the contract creation and management process thanks to its many features and integrations with other third-party and Zoho apps.


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Zoho Contracts Pricing

Contracts has three pricing plans—a Free Plan, a Standard Plan, and a Professional Plan. You can also get this app as a part of Zoho One, a Zoho bundle that includes over 40 applications.

Free Plan

  • Up to 3 users
  • 10 contracts
  • 5 counterparties
  • 1 approval workflow
  • 2 built-in predefined templates

Standard Plan

$60 per user per month
  • 25 contracts per user per month
  • 500 counterparties
  • Unlimited approval workflows
  • 14 built-in predefined templates
  • Contract authoring, sharing, and collaboration
  • Approval workflows, both sequential and parallel
  • Negotiation and redlining
  • Electronic signature (eSignature)
  • Contract amendments, renewals, extension, termination
  • Version control and activity history
  • Counterparties management
  • Clause library
  • Contract types configuration
  • Data privacy protection
  • Import contract
  • Reports and analytics dashboard
  • Contract letters customization

Professional Plan

$78 per user per month
All Standard Plan features, plus:

  • Unlimited contracts
  • Unlimited counterparties
  • Obligations management
  • Zoho CRM integration
  • Audit Logs (user audit logs, admin audit logs, user access logs, download logs)

What Is Zoho Contracts?

Zoho Contracts helps to streamline contract lifecycle management. This contract management software offers features that improve efficiency throughout the entire contract process—from contract creation and editing, to contract control and compliance and data management.

Zoho Contracts Features

Zoho Contracts offers an array of features that make the contract creation process quick and easy while mitigating business risks associated with sharing contracts online.

  • Instant contract creation with predefined templates: choose from a set of predefined templates fit for all legal operations, including NDA and MSA contract templates. Simply add the contract and counterparty information to a template, and that’s it.
  • Built-in document editor: the integration with Zoho Writer allows you to edit documents and author contracts anytime, anyplace.
  • Secure sharing: send contracts via password-protected links that the counterparty will be able to access, even without a Zoho account.
  • Tracking changes: Contracts streamlines the entire contract lifecycle by allowing you to track changes made by the counterparty in the form of redlining, which you can easily accept, edit, or remove.
  • Obligation management: each contract has a tab designated for obligations management, whether those obligations are one-time or recurring tasks.
  • Electronic signature: the integration with Zoho Sign allows you to sign legally binding contracts right from the Contracts app.
  • Turning contract data into business insights: features such as Reports and Dashboard allow you to gain a high-level overview of your business and gather actionable business insights across all aspects of contract management.
  • Contract control and compliance: having all your contracts in a single central repository, audit trails, and version control allow you to achieve better control and improve compliance.

Zoho Contracts Pros

  • Great value for money
  • Improved governance over contract security and changes made to the contract
  • Faster contract cycle times
  • Predefined templates with built-in editing
  • Electronic signature feature through the Zoho Sign integration
  • Contract data management and actionable insights

Zoho Contracts Cons

  • With an overall rating of 4.2 (source: Capterra), there are not many disadvantages to Contracts, though some say it can have a steep learning curve

Zoho Contracts Integrations

By promoting cross-functional integrations, Zoho allows you to use Contracts with other Zoho apps, such as Zoho Books, Zoho Analytics, Zoho CRM, Zoho Sign, and more. You can also integrate this app with third-party applications such as Google Drive, Gmail, and Microsoft Outlook.

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Zoho Contracts FAQ

Zoho Contracts allows you to send a contract to anyone via a password-protected link. The counterparty will be able to access the document, even if they don’t have a Zoho account.

The three main types of contracts are fixed-price contracts, cost-plus contracts, and time and materials contracts. Contracts can help you create and manage each of these contract types.

The Contracts integration with Zoho CRM, available for Premium Plan users, allows you to manage contracts in Zoho CRM by enabling salespeople to initiate contract requests from Zoho CRM and tracking their status right within this app.

Zoho has an app for signing documents called Zoho Sign. However, you can also get DocuSign as a Zoho CRM integration and sign documentation without leaving the CRM app.

Yes, Zoho One does contain Zoho Contracts, in addition to over 40 other Zoho apps, such as Zoho Sheets, Zoho Analytics, Zoho People, Zoho Campaigns, and more.

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