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Zoho Meeting is an audio and video conferencing software by the Zoho Corporation. It’s a good choice for internal and external meetings as well as small webinars. This software integrates with other Zoho apps, so you can analyze Meeting data in Analytics, or attach a survey from Zoho Surveys directly to the Meeting app.


Fun to play around with, lots of potential, but probably not worth implementing in your business


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Google Meet

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What Is Zoho Meeting?

Zoho Meeting is a secure online meeting software by the Zoho Corporation. It offers an array of useful audio conferencing and video conferencing features that allow you to attend video meetings, webinars, and live streams from your desktop or phone.

Zoho Meeting Features

Meeting offers impressive audio and video conferencing features that allow you to customize your background, share your screen, attend meetings and live webinars from your phone, and more! 

  • Audio, video, and screen sharing: share your screen, audio, and video with other meeting participants
  • A mobile app: attend audio and video meetings and live webinars from your phone
  • Custom registration forms – add your company’s branding to the form and customize fields and questions
  • Audio and video recording: record your online meetings, save them, and come back to them any time you want
  • Virtual backgrounds: have a consistent and professional video feed during online meetings, no matter what’s going on in your workspace
  • Secure sessions: lock meetings to keep them secure from unexpected attendees and get notified if anyone tries to attend your meeting
  • Raise hand and allow to talk: this feature allows participants to raise their hand if they want to ask a question or talk during the webinar or meeting
  • Anonymous contact data: Zoho Meeting allows you to make all your contact info anonymous
  • Webinar analytics: document and analyze webinar attendees, poll results, and activity during the webinar using webinar reports
  • YouTube live streaming integration: increase the exposure of your webinar by connecting Zoho Meeting with YouTube and live streaming on the platform

Zoho Meeting Pros

  • Impressive quality of audio and video feeds
  • Zoho integrations with apps such as Zoho Social, Zoho Connect, and Zoho CRM
  • Easy to use, thanks to the simple and sleek UI
  • A large number of virtual backgrounds that make your video feeds look more professional
  • A terrific mobile app for iOS and Android
  • YouTube live streaming integration
  • Secure sessions and data protection

Zoho Meeting Cons

  • Not suitable for live webinars with a large number of people
  • Difficulty managing multiple audio streams at once
  • Calendar invitations need to be improved
  • Recording quality can be hit-or-miss

Zoho Meeting Pricing

Zoho Meeting offers one free plan and four paid plans. The least expensive paid option, the Standard Meeting Plan, starts at just $1 per host, per month. This app also comes as a part of four Zoho bundles—Zoho One, Zoho Workplace, Zoho Marketing Plus, and Zoho Remotely.

Forever Free Plan


  • 100 meeting participants
  • 100 webinar attendees
  • Unlimited meetings and webinars
  • Up to 60 mins for meetings and webinars
  • Screen sharing
  • Share files during meeting
  • Meeting chat & notes
  • Meeting reactions
  • Raise hand & allow to talk
  • Multiple video layouts
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Virtual background
  • Collaborative whiteboard
  • Webinar series
  • Moderate webinar attendees

Standard Meeting Plan

$1 per host/ per month (billed annually)

All Forever Free features, plus

  • Cloud recording storage for 10 meetings per host
  • Allow up to 2 co-hosts
  • Meetings for up to 24 hours
  • VoIP, phone & toll-free add-on
  • Custom virtual background
  • Meeting polls
  • Lock meeting
  • Remote control
  • Meeting recording
  • Integrations
  • User management
  • Co-branding
  • Priority support

Professional Meeting Plan

$3 per host/ per month (billed annually)

All Standard Meeting features, plus 

  • Custom domain
  • Departments
  • Embed meeting widget
  • Multiple co-hosts

Standard Webinar Plan

$7.50 per organizer/ per month (billed annually)

All Forever Free features, plus 

  • Cloud recording storage for 25 webinars per organizer
  • Multiple co-organizers
  • Webinars for up to 24 hours
  • VoIP, phone & toll-free add-on
  • Webinar recording
  • User management
  • Integrations
  • Co-branding
  • Priority support

Professional Webinar Plan

$16 per organizer/ per month (billed annually)

All Standard Webinar Plan features, plus 

  • Source tracking
  • Registration moderation
  • Registration form customization
  • Email customization
  • Custom domain
  • Share materials
  • Live streaming
  • Domain restriction for registration
  • Departments
  • Allow anonymous questions
  • Advanced preferences

Zoho Meeting Integrations

Zoho Meeting integrates with all apps in Zoho’s ecosystem, including Zoho Forms, Zoho Sign, and Zoho Writer. It also integrates with third-party apps such as Google Workspace, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Gmail. The most impressive Meeting integration is the YouTube integration that allows you to live stream your webinar on this massive platform.

Zoho Meeting vs Zoom Meetings

Zoho Meeting and Zoom Meetings are both online meeting tools and offer similar features. When it comes to small conferences, the Zoho app can go hand-in-hand with Zoom Meetings, or any other meeting tool. However, for large conferences and webinars, Zoom is still more reliable than Meeting.

Do You Need Help Learning Zoho Meeting?

If you want to learn how to use Zoho Meeting, or any other Zoho app for that matter, we offer Zoho training services you can count on. Our professional Zoho consultants will get you acquainted with all Meeting features and help you get the most out of this app. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions; we look forward to hearing from you.

Zoho Meeting FAQ

Zoho Meeting is used by company owners, managers, and webinar organizers all over the world. This app has been on the web conferencing market for over 13 years. Some of the most notable companies that use Meeting include Crown Bees, Pedleys Solar, En Route Technologies, and Arctic Spas.

Yes, Zoho Meeting has a free version. You can also choose one of the four available paid options, or get it as a part of a Zoho bundle.

Once you get invited to a meeting through Zoho Meeting, you will get an invitation link via email or a text message. You can join the meeting by clicking on said link. Alternatively, if you have a meeting key, you can access the meeting by going to the Zoho Meeting page, entering your name, the meeting key, and the password, and clicking on Join meeting.

Zoho Meeting has a score of 4.3 on Gartner Peer Insights and works well 90% of the time. For internal meetings and secure online meetings with frequent customers, we recommend it, especially if you’re already using other apps in the Zoho ecosystem.

However, for salespeople, the 10% chance that this video conferencing software will completely collapse is tough to grapple with. We would not recommend using Zoho meeting as your primary web meeting application if you often need to save meeting recordings or host webinars.

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