Comprehensive CRM Review and Quiz

This is a comprehensive quiz! Use this link to access and download the data you’ll need for this assignment.

As CEO of Affluence Financial Planning, you want an idea of how your underlings, your staff financial planners, are doing. You have gathered client opinions from quick post-meeting surveys about how their experience was and if they would recommend your company. However, you need to first upload historical data before going live with your new form.

Create a new custom module called “Financial Plan Reviews”. The file below contains the responses that you need to upload to Zoho (it’s fake, generated data, no need to worry about all the poor reviews!). Make sure there are fields in your custom module ready to receive each field in this CSV file. And don’t forget to match data types!

Then, import this data into the new custom module. The ‘Would you recommend us to a friend’ field is a boolean field type, which matches up with a checkbox. If you wanted though, you could change each false to ‘No’ and each true to ‘Yes’ and match it up with a picklist. So, there is some flexibility. The point is, prep your data to match the field types in your custom module.