Workflow Rule Use Case

Everybody can easily recognize an email from a mass-marketing campaign. We often don’t even glance over them before hitting delete. So, it’s important to strike a balance between automation and the personal touch of a company representative. Knowing this, your task is the following:

Create two email templates (and notifications) that will be sent out to someone when they are converted from a Lead to a Contact. One is for those interested in drafting a will and the other for those who do not want one. Lead conversion occurs after a sales call with the Lead. Use Merge Fields to give a personal touch to the email. Include the Contact’s name, maybe referring to the call you just had, noting whether they want a will or not, and ending with the record owner’s signature. Feel free to add anything else you would like.

(If you want, of course, create these email automations for your own use case)

Then, create a workflow rule. Think, how would you send the right email (interested in a will or not) to the right person, right when they are converted to a Contact?