Am I Now a CRM Admin?

That’s a hard question. If we refer back to the name of this course, then, you are certainly well on your way to “becoming a Zoho CRM admin.”

In all reality, though, you now know how to do 85% of what you will ever have to do in Zoho CRM! Congratulations on finishing the course. Really.

If you took this course in order to manage the CRM of your own business, then know that you can now save 85% on anything you outsource to others for CRM development. On the flipside, if you are looking to make money in CRM development, you now know more than most and can begin working for pay.

That being said, there are a MILLION more things you can do in CRM and the Zoho suite in general. Its customizability is limitless.

Consider looking at our codebase for more ideas and implementation tips. Or, check out our course programs to browse other Zoho topics you can learn about.

Last, if you have any questions for us, whether it is for CRM development, custom functions, or other, reach out to us here. We’d love to chat!