Our Blueprint Use Case

We will create a blueprint based on this flowchart, a sales process for Affluence Financial Planning.

Drawing out the process you want to build as a blueprint is invaluable! Think about trying LucidChart or another software that allow you to visualize your sales process and flow.

As you can see, we want Leads to end up in one of three bins:

  • Qualified (Let’s do business!)
  • Not Qualified (We have an established relationship, but will not move forward now)
  • or Dead Lead (No interest or contact)

Along the way, we want to set up various automations and ask for some information. During the next couple lessons, you will learn how to create a thorough and effective blueprint to satisfy the Affluence Financial’s needs.

While working through this course, also be thinking of a different business model for which you could create a blueprint. At the end, you will be asked to implement what you’ve learned and build something completely original for a business model of your choice!