Last Thoughts On Blueprints

Here are a few more ideas on how to use blueprints.

The chosen field the blueprint runs on is locked while in the blueprint so that users cannot manually change it. This really facilitates process management because you can tightly define what each State means and know what sort of a Lead it is just by viewing its State.

The Lead Status is locked while the record is in a blueprint

Because the chosen field is locked, running analytics on your sales funnel (or other process) becomes a lot more insightful. Track that status’s history to see how long people spend in each state, discover true conversion or retention rates, and trust that the blueprint reflects the actual success of the sales process, potentially leading to refinements and improvements.

You can use layout rules in tandem with the blueprint, only showing the relevant fields or sections after a record has progressed to that corresponding state. This impedes users from filling out fields out of order.

Using tags associated with different blueprint transitions creates unique possibilities for running analytics or using them as conditions to hide and show other transitions.

There are, of course, many other things you can do with Workflow Rules and automated email marketing.

Your creativity here really is the limit!

Congrats on finishing the course!