Requiring Fields and Finishing Blueprint Actions

The ability to require fields during a transition is one of the blueprint’s most powerful features. Think of all the use cases!

  • The record must have an email before sending out automated emails (we require this in ‘Mark as Interested’ and ‘No Response’, in order to send out emails)
  • Requiring address information before shipping packages
  • Gathering preliminary Deal information that can then be used in automatic Deal creation
  • Choose a Follow-up Date for automatic task creation
  • Any other process of gathering client information

The blueprint provides a systematic and uniform method for ensuring that every Lead, Contact, etc. has all the right information at every status or stage. The user (often a salesperson) no longer has to remember every detail or question they need to ask of clients. The blueprint prompts them for all the essentials all the way through.

Apart from requiring fields, in this video, I create a post-transition field update, automated task, and some pre-transition criteria.