Navigate to and Open the Blueprint

Go to Settings >> Process Management >> Blueprints, then click ‘Create Blueprint’. Name your blueprint and choose the module (Leads).

Now, the most important part of the initial blueprint setup is choosing the field correctly. A blueprint is a way to guide a record through an established process of some sort. The field that you choose determines what the options are for each step in said process.

Remember, the field must be a picklist. But, you don’t want to choose just any picklist. If you chose a “Country” picklist, it would make no sense to move a Lead record from country to country through a blueprint. That is no measure of where the record lies in the sales process. So, it is wise to always choose a status or stage field of some sort and depending on the module they could differ a little.

For the Leads module, we want this blueprint to work on the “Lead Status” field. Like we talked about earlier with our flowchart, we want to guide all Leads to one of three bins, either ‘Dead Lead’, ‘Qualified’, or ‘Unqualified’.

Last, it is optional to create entry criteria. This allows you to restrict entry to the blueprint if needed.