Review the WHY and Look Back to Our Flowchart

This is the last time we reference our flowchart! Congratulations on building your first blueprint. And this one wasn’t simple.

You required fields, set up automated emails (immediate and scheduled), triggered lead conversion, set up entry criteria and validation rules, automated tasks, left instructions for users, and properly laid out the entire process of mapping actions to states. That’s a lot.

Remember, blueprints are useful insofar as they prompt users to follow through with all the necessary steps in the sales process. We don’t want to neglect anyone or forget any essential details or pieces. The goal is to guide Leads to predetermined end bins or endpoints.

A blueprint hard-codes a process into your software. It should eliminate confusion or ambiguity and increase efficiency. And that’s what we just did for Affluence Financial!

Now, think of your own business or another you know well. How might they benefit from a blueprint? What field would you choose? What might be the states and transitions and what are possible automations you could set up?