Blueprint Review Questions

Can you comfortably explain the following?

  • In your own words, why is it good practice to always leave a ‘User Message’?
  • Think of at least one reason you shouldn’t leave all the options selected when you activate a common transition.
  • Where do the names you give transitions appear on the front end?
  • Are blueprints only for the Leads module? Can you think of a blueprint use case in another module?
  • Because you can’t schedule actions in a blueprint, how do we tie in workflow rules to a blueprint for the scheduled actions we want to run?
  • How does a record exit a blueprint?

If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions off the top of your head, you can learn them by experimenting with the blueprint builder!

This is one of the more complex topics in the CRM. The best learning with blueprints is by doing, seeing how the back-end adjustments affect the user experience on the front end. And that’s exactly what we do, test the blueprint, in the last lesson!