Set up the CRM-Desk Integration

It is fairly straightforward — the contacts in the CRM sync with the contact in Zoho desk and Accounts with Accounts.

Some fields map automatically but you can set up the sync between custom fields too (Though remember that you have to match up data types!).

Set Up the Desk-CRM Integration

Once this is set up, a related list will appear in the contacts and accounts modules in the CRM, where you can see Zoho Desk tickets for those records.

On the ticket record itself, you will see what is essentially “a look at field” to the contact. You can click on that and view the contact record. Also notice the “CRM details” button that you can toggle.

  • Contacts and accounts are actually their own modules in Zoho desk. Watch this video to learn how to navigate there.

When a ticket is created for an email/contact not previously found in Zoho desk, it auto-creates a new Contact in Zoho CRM.

We don’t really use the “Products” integration, but it can be very useful if you have a standard set of products you sell.

You can associate individual tickets, or even contact, to specific products and then with the CRM and desk integration, in either app, you can see which tickets are associated to each product.