Workflow Rules

If you have set up workflow rules in other Zoho apps, then you could probably figure this out on your own.

Just like elsewhere, you trigger workflow rules based off of an action, and then, according to the criteria you set up, you run other actions (email notifications, escalations, custom functions, etc.)

Imagine setting up a workflow rule that runs anytime a ticket is created for an Account that has an Account Type of ‘Partner’. In order to do this, you would need to create a custom picklist field for the Zoho Desk Accounts module— call it ‘Account Type’. Then, in the integration with the CRM, sync that field (a picklist with the right values) with the field from the CRM module. Then, anytime a ticket is created for a contact associated to an account with the ‘Partner’ account type, the notification would be sent out (to whomever/whichever team you choose).

Help with Workflow Rules in Desk