Building Our First Zoho Desk Blueprint

Let’s create a basic blueprint together in order to standardize our responses to support requests. Just like other features, blueprints in the Zoho desk are similar to those in CRM. If you would like to review blueprints in CRM, see this course.

Our use case here is really simple. We have a basic linear process where the agent can either escalate the ticket to another agent (a fancy word for reassignment) or close out the ticket.

Blueprint Help in Zoho Desk

When finishing your blueprint, set any custom entry criteria that you see fit. Chances are, you don’t want every single new ticket to enter this blueprint. With that entry criteria, you could actually create different flows for different types of tickets.

As always, it is really important to test out the feature you built. In this case, we want to make sure that the user experience is straightforward.

Create a ticket for yourself that fits the entry criteria so that you can work through the blueprint on your own. Do the transitions run smoothly? Does the escalation work? Are we requiring the right inputs in order to move to the next status?