Auto-Numbers, File Upload, Image Upload, Long Integer

An auto-number is useful if you need to generate some sort of unique number or ID aside from Zoho’s record ID.

There are not many situations where the file upload field is better than the Attachments Related List, but in those situations, it’s vital.

  • When you need a file attachment to be mandatory on record creation.
  • When you need to send files around referencing a specific field name that stays consistent is the only way unless you can guarantee filenames in the Attachments will remain consistent.
  • When you have files that are contextual within a CRM section, i.e. “Personal Info”  section and “Passport Scan” field right there, “Contract Info” section with “Contract” upload, etc.
  • Visual organization of the record data is much easier with file upload fields
  • Instances where files will change and you need the most recent one (and again can’t rely on file names)
  • Like a Contract of Employment. You need to be able to access the most recent and valid one there while you store the older ones in attachments
  • Can’t expect people to surf through attachments and deduce the current, valid contract of employment from the filename in Attachments

Unfortunately, you cannot yet associate a file upload field to a blueprint transition.