Lookup Field Review

Lookup fields can be tricky. Record a brief Loom video of your 2 lookup fields, showing all the records and related lists. Then, view it yourself! Does it seem to be set up correctly? Is the naming intuitive and understandable?

Then, think through what kind of lookup field you would use for the following use cases. Determine if it is (a) a Standard or Multi-Select Lookup, (b) The name of the field, (c) Which module the field is in, (d) The name of the related list in the linked module.

  • Affluence Financial Planning pays out up to 5 commissions on each Deal that closes. They create multiple Commission records and relate each back to the Deal.
  • Fergie’s Car Shop tracks its Vehicles in a Vehicle module. Each Vehicle has a “Main Driver”, which is a Contact record of a customer who drives the car. Each Vehicle only has one “Main Driver”.
  • The Workflow Academy teaches DOPE courses on Zoho topics. It keeps track of its different courses in a “Courses” module in Zoho CRM. Each time a new student enrolls in a Course, it relates that student to the course.