Peter, What are CRM ‘Layouts’ and Why Do You Hate Them So Much?

Just watch this video and don’t do what I do. I am simply showing you how layouts work, but don’t ever believe I told you to use them!

Each layout created here has a different unique section, with 2 custom fields.

  • Layouts have a very confusing UX.
  • When you add fields in one layout they don’t automatically show up on the other. This is annoying and often confusing for new users—especially with picklists.
  • Most new users don’t remember to set the layout, and it doesn’t start blank, so they accidentally set it to the default layout. On the other hand, a “Type” pick list starts blank and can be set as mandatory.
  • They are super rigid and inflexible. You can’t delete the “Standard” layout and it’s tedious to add new fields to multiple layouts.