CRM Reporting Practice

This lesson is just an intro to reporting. We have an entire group of courses for Zoho Analytics.

But, it’s helpful to get in and start creating basic reports and dashboards in the CRM. They have their uses. This quiz will check how much you paid attention during these last videos!

First, in the Reports module, build a report for all Deals that have an estimated close date in the next 30 days (or month). Include deal size, Account, and any other details you consider relevant. Set up a schedule to send it out every month.

Next, create a new dashboard in the Analytics module. Create components for “Count of Open Deals”, “Total Expected Revenue”, a chart for “Deals by Owner by Stage” and any others you want to experiment with.

Then, create your own custom home screen and show us how you shared it to a specific role. If you shared it to yourself, show us how you can toggle between that custom home page and the default.

If you can show this all off in a short Loom video, you rock! The ability to build all of these features and quickly and effectively show them to others is a valuable skill.