When to Use Zoho Analytics

Yes, yes, the CRM Analytics module is quite limited. It has its uses! But, you should definitely use Zoho Analytics when….

  • You want people who aren’t CRM users to see stuff (e.g. investors, the CEO who doesn’t use Zoho, your grandma to show her how successful your company is, etc.)
  • You want data that just isn’t in CRM (e.g. data from Quickbooks or Zoho Books to tell you profit margins, or from Google Analytics to tell you how your website is doing)
  • You are persnickety and want your data to show up in certain ways!
  • You need dashboards with WAY COOLER elements (and more than 10 of them)
  • You don’t care about them showing up on the home screen

In CRM, you can only build Analytics components with data from at most 2 modules. In Zoho Analytics however, using it’s SQL-based database, format the data and show it off any way you want.

(Yes, many Analytics courses are coming soon)